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"Its top-notch cast, Thom Allison’s imaginative direction, its abundance of memorable songs and kid-friendly running time of only 90 minutes are already enough to recommend it."



"This is actor Thom Allison’s first effort as a director, but you would hardly know it from his assured work"


As Priam Farll in

Darling of the Day

“The cast is a dream. Priam (Thom Allison) and Alice (Jennifer Lyon) are a perfect couple.”

Lynn Slotkin

As Captain Hook in

Peter Pan

“Thom Allison is fantastic as Captain Hook... Allison appears to revel in the boos emanating from the kids and adults in the audience, although he is also one of the funniest characters in the play."

Jenni Dunning

As Nicely Nicely Johnson in

Guys & Dolls

“Just when you think you’ve seen a definitive production or performance, along comes another one of such blazing originality that it knocks your fedora off. Case in point: Thom Allison’s performance as Nicely-Nicely Johnson"

Robert Crew

As Coalhouse Walker Jr in


"This is a strong cast headed by Thom Allison as Coalhouse. Allison is glorious. He has pride and dignity. He’s almost courtly, and the man can burst your heart with his singing."

Lynn Slotkin

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

As Reuben in


"As bald brother Reuben, Thom Allison stuffs the nostalgic French-café chanson Those Canaan Days with enough Chevalier-style ham for a dozen croissants, showing off the nimble voice, comedic flair and huge stage presence"


As Tom Collins in


"Baritone Thom Allison, a Stratford-calibre actor who was so terrific as Aldolpho in MTC's The Drowsy Chaperone earlier this year, is in a class by himself here, bringing warm humour, powerful presence and deep feeling to Tom"

Alison Mayes
Winnipeg Free Press

As Curtis Taylor Jr in


"Thom Allison's creamy-smooth, calming voice is a huge asset to the devious character he portrays... An avaricious con man at heart, it is still hard to hate Curtis, though -- he has the great voice and the looks to match."

Kathy Rumleski
The London Free Press

As Roger Delli-Bovi in

A New Brain

"But the showstopper is when Thom Allison sings "I'd Rather Be Sailing", a classic example of how an actor with a strong voice can literally elevate the entire audience and keep them there."

Paul Bellini
Fab Magazine

As Aldolpho in

The Drowsy Chaperone

"I, rather predictably, fell for Aldolpho, the Latin lover... By the end of the show, every twitch Allison makes — even his delivery of a simple line like “What?" — is enough to send waves of laughter rolling through the audience."

Kathleen Bell

As Count Carl-Magnus Malcom in

A Little Night Music

"Patty Jamieson and Thom Allison are deliciously toxic as the Count and Countess trapped together in a marriage where pain provides their only pleasure."

Richard Ouzounian
Toronto Star

As Tin Man in

The Wizard of Oz

"Of Dorothy’s companions, Allison pretty much steals the show as the Tin Woodsman, both for his detailed physical comedy and fine singing."

Christopher Hoile
Eye Weekly

Elegies: A Song Cycle

"Thom Allison (is) superb. He shows off an amazing technique without showing off; he holds long pealing notes in the middle of lines that don't disrupt the flow and flashes a satanic grin that modulates into a compassionate smile."

Robert Cushman
The National Post

Songs for a New World

"When he breaks out in 'King Of The World' in Act Two, Thom Allison gives the audience one of the highlights of not only the show, but of the theatrical season."

Mike Mackenzie
Suite 101

As Russell Paxton in

Lady in the Dark

"That is of course, if she can keep up with Thom Allison's thoroughly gay fashion designer turned ringmaster... It's the role that stole the show with Danny Kaye in the original production and Allison does the same 65 years later."

Robin Breon
Aisle Say

As Cinderella's Prince/Wolf in

Into the Woods

"Thom Allison is frightening as the lecherous Wolf and appropriately smarmy as Cinderella's Prince, who is all charm and nothing else."

Christopher Hoile
Stage Door

As Daddy Warbucks in


"The stand out for this production is easily Thom Allison as Oliver Warbucks. While his casting diverges from the standard image of the character, he exudes an wonderful charm..."

Kenneth Chisholm
Theatre in London

As Darren Lemming in

Take Me Out

"Thom Allison escalates super-stardom as Darren. The character becomes less godlike after coming out of the closet and the actor tones down the athletic pomp with striking humility."

Steven Berketo

As Shannon in

Leaving Metropolis

"Thom Allison, playing the role of Shannon, a dying male to female transgender, is a high point of the film."

Wolfe Video

As The Kralahome in

King and I

"Thom Allison is a powerful presence as the Kralahome"

Christopher Hoile
Stage Door

As Che in


"...Played by Thom Allison, he has the thankless task of providing background, play-by-play and criticism, but his dynamic voice and a healthy sense of humour makes him a welcome ringleader for this pageant of intrigue and politics"

Jeff Goffi
FFWD Calgary

Joni Mitchell: River

"Each performer gets to showcase different strengths as the concert progresses... (Thom) Allison, who'd be perfectly cast as a perfume-ad angel, gets laughs in a comically frustrated turn on Be Cool"

Pat St. Germain
Winnipeg Sun

As The Emcee in


"Playing the outrageous master of ceremonies, Allison is unmistakably the highlight of the production. He's got a voice to die for, and when he enters a scene, it's impossible to see anything else."

Lori Montgomery
FFWD Calgary

As Robin Turner in


"The second act opens with Allison showing why he was cast as Robin the star. From center stage, Billie Holiday appears in her drug-induced, hilarious world... leaves the audience wanting to see more, and that we are given."

Michael Cottrell
L'Orang Theatre

Berlin to Broadway

"The four singers who inhabit Weill's world in this production are fully up to the challenge of his complex style. Each of the performers create vivid portraits..."

Lori Montgomery