Songs for a New World

"Thom Allison combines a devilish grin, a voice that peals and aches and caresses and a personality that conquers."

Robert Cushman
National Post

"Allison's star shines the brightest with his beautifully expressive voice revelling in the joy of a gospel number or mining the pain of the blues."

Christopher Hoile
EYE Weekly

"(Thom) Allison stands out"

Debbie Fein-Goldbach
NOW Magazine

"Rhythmic energy and melodic invention galore... the quartet of performers...are all talented individuals, with a lot to offer."

Richard Ouzounian
Toronto Star

"These are some of our finest vocalists and musical-theatre performers... inspirational lyrics and strong message of triumph over personal and political adversity"

Kamal Al-Solaylee
The Globe and Mail

". . . some impressive talent . . . polished stage artists like Thom Allison . . . take(s) to the stage like a leopard to a jungle . . . "

John Coulbourn
Toronto Sun

"Highlights include . . . Allison singing strongly but soulfully as an up-and-coming basketball star in 'The Steam Train'."

Byron Laviolette

"The strongest performance of the night comes from Thom Allison, who's soaring voice sent shivers down the spine of this reviewer. Allison is in his element with his duet with Knight on 'The River Won't Flow', and leading the charge in 'The Steam Train'. When he breaks out in 'King Of The World' in Act Two, he gives the audience one of the highlights of not only the show, but of the theatrical season."

Mike Mackenzie
Suite 101

"It's Sharron Matthews and Thom Allison who shine in this New World. Both deliver showstopping vocals in each of their numbers . . . Allison's powerful gospel offering, 'Flyng Home,' is breathtaking. . . "


"Thom Allison, Sharron Matthews and Tracy Michailidis are excellent interpreters... an interesting show if you like clever lyrics and character portraits in music... very sophisticated theatre"

Paula Citron
Classical 96.3