A New Brain

"the majority of the performances are superb . . . . Gordon is exceedingly lucky to have the charismatic Roger (Thom Allison) as his partner, a man with good looks enough for two. Allison has a gorgeous voice to match and his song, “I’d Rather be Sailing,” is one of the show’s highlights."

Christopher Hoile
eye Magazine

"...and there's Thom Allison as his lover, Roger, pouring out that mango smoothie of a voice in an exquisite rendition of the ethereal love song 'Sailing.'"

Richard Ouzounian
Toronto Star

"Thom Allison has a show stopping moment with “Sailing,” which shows off his gorgeous voice magnificently, and he and Paula Wolfson have a heart-wrenching duet “A Really Lousy Day in the Universe.”"

Amanda Campbell
The Way I See It

"But the showstopper is when Thom Allison sings "I'd Rather Be Sailing", a classic example of how an actor with a strong voice can literally elevate the entire audience and keep them there."

Paul Bellini
Fab Magazine

"Thom Allison as Gordon’s lover brings lots of warmth to the show. In fact, the production’s heart beats in the scenes between Allison and Gallagher, whose chemistry gives the show some depth of feeling."

Jon Kaplan
NOW Magazine

"Steven Gallagher and Thom Allison are two peas in a pod as lovers longing for the gift to carry on. They can belt our a tune jubilantly yet also serve as the sublime romantic drivers for the play to reach the finish line."

Jordan Allystair

"Surrounded by his companion Roger, the elegant swelligant Thom Allison who has one of the prettiest numbers in the show (I'd Rather Be Sailing) and renders it with style"

Jeniva Berger
Scene Changes

"Finn has always had a gift for the plangent, at its best here in a song called I'd Rather Be Sailing that both aches and soars, especially as sung by Thom Allison. He plays Gordon's lover, whose passion for boats sometimes seems to eclipse his passion for Gordon (or that's how Gordon, a grumpy landlubber, tends to see it) but who still keeps faithful anxious vigil at his bedside."

Robert Cushman
National Post

Singing from the Brain

Powerhouse song and dance man Thom Allison dazzled as the lead in the musical version of Outrageous and as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. He also bared all and exposed his dramatic chops in the gay-themed sports drama Take Me Out before climbing the Everest of musical theatre in Into The Woods at Stratford. Now onstage in A New Brain (by March of the Falsettos’ William Finn) Allison shrugs away his chameleon-like music abilities.

“I find Finn and Sondheim really easy to remember because they both make such sense lyrically and emotionally. They give you a very clear roadmap — a hard roadmap to learn but once you do, it’s a really rewarding trip,” he says.

To navigate A New Brain’s harrowing and hilarious gay relationships, brain disorders and giant frogs, a solid sexy map-reader like Allison is welcome.

— Drew Rowsome FAB MAGAZINE