Into the Woods

"Thom Allison and Laird Mackintosh are delicious as the Princes, their witty rendition of 'Agony' a major highlight."

Richard Ouzounian

"Thom Allison is frightening as the lecherous Wolf and appropriately smarmy as Cinderella's Prince, who is all charm and nothing else."

Christopher Hoile
Stage Door

"Another standout number is Agony, which has the play's two resident princes (Laird Mackintosh and Thom Allison) detailing the delicious anxiety of pursuing fair damsels."

Noel Gallagher
The London Free Press

"Here they all show up as memorable characters who move well and sing wonderfully . . . most notably Susan Gilmour as the Witch, Amy Walsh as Rapunzel, and Thom Allison as both Cinderella's Prince and Red Ridinghood's Wolf"

Herbert M. Simpson
CITY (Rochester, NY)

" . . .and the sidesplitting Agony (parts one and two) showcasing the whiny escapades of two overindulged self-loving royals — Cinderella's admittedly arrogant Prince (Thom Allison) . . . Where else could you find a Little Red Riding Hood (Jennifer Waiser) spewed from the belly of a wolf (once again the delightfully wicked Thom Allison) and transformed into a knife wielding . . . "

Geoff Dale

"As the characters cope with their guilt, fear and despair, we have a sense of real stakes at play - and for this we must thank the conviction the actors bring to their parts. Witness, for example, the scene in which the two wayward princes (Laird Mackintosh and Thom Allison, both excellent) sing anxiously but mendaciously about the "agony" of love. . . .and Allison a hairily convincing wolf."

Jamie Portman
The Ottawa Citizen