It’s been a little while.  I know I said I would write more . . . . psych!  No… kidding.  I intended to.  But better late than never.  So I finished my last day of filming on Killjoys yesterday.

Amazing how fast 4 months goes by.  Sooooo much …. I can’t tell you about.  🙂 Sorry, kids.  It’s all top secret.  But loads of fun things happen this season.  We get Pree on some missions with the Killjoys, we get some more of his history, a little more of his personal life…. plus more fabulous costumes which you’ll see as we get into the season.

And on Monday, I start teaching again at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.  I’m really enjoying teaching and coaching these days.  It’s fun to see students “get” something or watching them figure out new skill sets.

But the really fun news is that I’ll be joining Soulpepper for the first time to perform in PORGY & BESS IN CONCERT.

I’ll be joined by Jackie Richardson, Alana Bridgewater, Neema Bickersteth and Troy Adams as the singers and Walter Borden as narrator.  So thrilled to finally get to sing this music and work with old and new friends.  This is the first time I’ve done a show at Soulpepper.  Delighted to be working with this company.  We are not playing specific roles in this evening.  We are singing a cross-section of the material.  Shows are May 27, 30, June 1, 2, 3.  Only 6 shows so get your tickets now.

Otherwise, I’m continuing to listen and search for my next path.  Excited about teaching and P & B and KeyCon in Winnipeg at the end of May, but after that it’s quiet, officially, and that is cool.  Hopefully some film and TV for the summer.  But I’m looking forward to the time to reflect and see what is calling me.

I really have no idea what to be doing next.  I’m listening……..

One Response to “NEW IS FUN”

  1. Estelle Amaron

    I saw Porgy and Bess on Saturday and was blown away. Chills, smiles, laughter and tears. Your duet with Alana Bridgewater touched me to my core. I grabbed my husband’s hand and held on for the ride. I met you and Micah at the Kensington Market Jazz Festival and the Home Smith Bar but never had the joy of seeing you perform. I’m now a hooked fan and have just downloaded your album. And reading your bio I have seen you in shows, I’m sure. Anyway, thank you for your brilliant performance along with that stellar cast. Jackie is a long time friend of my husband and his family so it felt like a homecoming. Looking forward to more. ❤️