I just posted this on Facebook based on an article I just read, but I thought it also warranted a blog.  So here it is:


I don’t understand, people of Toronto who are voting for and/or support Rob Ford. You can’t tell me that what this man seems to represent – racism, intolerance, bullying, alcohol abuse, drug abuse – certainly in the eyes of the world, is worth whatever good you think he’s doing for you.

Is it really just money you care about? What he’s “saving” you? Is that really good enough for you? Ladies, his blatent sexism is really okay with you? Shame on any gay people who are in his corner – then you deserve whatever shame he brings you. People of any ethnicity – you can’t really be putting your trust in this man and have any self respect.

If you don’t like any of the other candidates, then let’s demand better candidates. Let’s demand that our politicians step up. Let’s let them know we aren’t willing to settle for the disrespect and horror that’s been crammed down our throats, as is being represented by our mayor’s behaviour, which is being revealed to us again and again.

As Oprah once famously quoted, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.” Let’s believe and elevate our Toronto to the place where it should be – a beautiful, world-class city where people of all nationalities, and backgrounds and lovestyles (yes, I mean lovestyles) can come together to make an existence of respect, inclusion, and harmony.


4 Responses to “OUR MAYOR”

  1. Audrey

    I totally agreeThom. I’m just glad we live in Mississauga. Hazel has had her ups and downs, but, never has she brought humiliation to our city. She was voted #2 Mayor of the world a cople of years back, so that says something bout her.

    Rob Ford is a joke and I’m surprised he has so many supporters. Unfortunately, he has is loyal followers and they’re sticking with him thick or thin (sic).

  2. Patricia & Frank

    Well written Thom. We agree as well. We don’t live there but our son and daughter-in-law do, We were impressed when Chicago turned him away. Let’s hope Toronto does too in October. Patricia & Frank Keep smiling!