Oh lord, people.  There is so much Ragtime in the air right now.  I’m not actually nervous but I’m so aware of being watched.  I know there are some people who don’t think I will pull it off and some are so sure I can.  I’m just telling a story and I hope I’m doing it well.  But it’s definitely time to get the opening over with so we can just do that – tell these great stories of these people’s lives.

Now having said that, an interview I did a couple of days ago came out and it’s a little overwhelming.  It’s written by Dennis Kucherawy who was a high-up in LiveEnt. when Ragime was created so he knows the show really well and has very personal ties to it.  I’m very touched and honoured by what he’s written. It’s very un-Canadian to point out nice things that are said about us but I’ve worked very hard for 28 years to have people say nice things about me so I’ll take it……  And if you’re going to be all judgy-pants  .  . .suck it. I’m not claiming what he says is true, I’m just doing my thing but it’s very sweet that one person thinks so . . . who has a blog . . . and can tell many other people . . . who might come see the show . . . and like me as well . . . and then come and see me in other shows . . . . and the world goes round.

But here it is and thank you very much, Dennis.  I’m incredibly flattered.  sorry you’ll have to copy and paste the below address.