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Track listing:

1. A Whole Lotta Sunlight
2. Before the Parade Passes By/On the Street Where You Live
3. Moon River (sample)
4. You Don’t Tell Me
5. Through the Bottom of the Glass
6. But Alive (sample)
7. Put a Lid on It
8. Time After Time (sample)
9. And I Love You So
10. Grateful
11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (sample)
12. Gorgeous
13. Cry Me a River (sample)
14. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Thom Allison
A Whole Lotta Sunlight

Songs Suggested and Inspired By Friends

With Diane Leah
Musical Director/Pianist

and Guest Pianist, Stephen Woodjetts

Piano: Diane Leah (all except tack 8)
Piano: Stephen Woodjetts (track 8)
Bass: George Koller (tracks 4,6,8,13)
Drums: Bob DiSalle (tracks 4,6,13)
Bamboo Flute: Ian Harper (track 8)
Cello: Wendy Solomon (track 10)
Violin: Norman Hathaway (track 12)

Executive Producer: Thom Allison
Producer: Diane Leah
Co-Producer: Mark Camilleri

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Imagine Studios, Toronto

Engineered by Mark Camilleri
Assisted by Shana Salonin

Arrangements by Diane Leah (except Time After Time)
Time After Time Arrangement by Stephen Woodjetts

Photos by Laird Mackintosh
Design by Mike Tracz, 2nd Soul
Thom’s Hair by Bill Humenick

Special thanks to:
Joey Miller, Brad Fraser, Laura Condlin, Amy Sellers, Charles Azulay, Anthony Malarky, Thom Marriott, Stephen Roth, Danielle Greaves, Bill Humenick, Krista Jackson, Maggie Palmer, Julia Fong, Jason Jestadt