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Oh lord, people.  There is so much Ragtime in the air right now.  I’m not actually nervous but I’m so aware of being watched.  I know there are some people who don’t think I will pull it off and some are so sure I can.  I’m just telling a story and I hope I’m doing it well.  But it’s definitely time to get the opening over with so we can just do that – tell these great stories of these people’s lives.

Now having said that, an interview I did a couple of days ago came out and it’s a little overwhelming.  It’s written by Dennis Kucherawy who was a high-up in LiveEnt. when Ragime was created so he knows the show really well and has very personal ties to it.  I’m very touched and honoured by what he’s written. It’s very un-Canadian to point out nice things that are said about us but I’ve worked very hard for 28 years to have people say nice things about me so I’ll take it……  And if you’re going to be all judgy-pants  .  . .suck it. I’m not claiming what he says is true, I’m just doing my thing but it’s very sweet that one person thinks so .… [Continue reading]


I’m so excited to have a blog back, I can’t tell you.  I feel like it’s been ages.  I looked this morning to see that my last post was November of last year.  What the “f”? Way too long.

Let’s do a little catch up.  So I finished Priscilla on Jan. 22 and the next day, went on a cruise for 5 days.  AWESOME AND NEEDED!!!

Didn’t get off the ship the first day so a lot of the ship was deserted while people went ashore.  Score!



Next three pics are the final morning at sea.  They serve a small intimate brunch . . . for 3000!


The last two shots are of the special dining room called the Olympia.  It’s named for the sister ship of the Titanic.  Yeah, it’s the one that didn’t sink.  The dining room is named such because it actually has some of the wood of the original Olympia (or is it the Olympic ??  Oh well, I’m not the Encyclopedia Britannia – look it up if you’re so interested; Jeez!!)


After I got back, I came back to Toronto on Jan. 30. Weird to be back but good.  It was the first time I’d been in TO since had left almost 1 year ago. … [Continue reading]


People, it has been way, waaaaaay too long but I’m back.  There was some ridiculousness with my other blog and I can’t get back into it.  But the posts can still be viewed so send friends to read it for all of the past blogs.  Including the DonnaBlogs (Thank you, Donna). There will still be a link from my website to the old blog but here is the new one and there is so much to tell and share I don’t know where to start.  I won’t do everything right now but I’ll start with a bit of a photo walk down memory lane to invite you all back into my world again.  I’ve missed you wonderful people who read my blog.  There are so many things happening and about to happen.  I’ll try to do some posting in the next little while to catch you up.  Plus I have many things to announce that are coming up.  But as always, I can’t talk about all of them immediately.  But I do have a big, sort of fun announcement that I will hopefully be able to make tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is some photo fun to say hi.  And please feel free to give some love in the form of comments (only nice comments. … [Continue reading]

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